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Letters of Reference



January 2007

Dear Sharon,   

     Amy Wood with Our State Magazine emailed last week to say how pleased they were with the musicians.  I also thanked John Ellis with Diana Wortham Theatre when I saw him in NYC last week for recommending your name to me – and I likewise told him how happy Amy was.  You’re certainly on my call list for jazz musicians.  Many thanks for all your help.

Best, Rob

Rob Maddrey

Director of Community Development

North Carolina Symphony


March 2006
Greetings Sharon :
      Last week I got an email message from one of our key Jazz Society members, Sue Sorice, who'd caught one of your gigs in Asheville . Unaware that I know you, she wrote that we 'had' to get you down here for a concert-that you were "absolutely fantastic."
Needless to say I was pleased-not yet having had the chance to hear you myself-and wanted to follow up right away to let you know.
Lets focus on an upcoming date that works and have your band perform for us!
Warm regards as always,
Charles Milne, President
World Music & Jazz Society

May 2006
Hi Sharon,
      I just wanted to weigh in and say how much we dug your performance last night. I wish there were more people there to appreciate the excellence of the evening, but I realize it's a start for  the Acoustic Seen Theatre to bring in and expose their regulars to jazz performance and appreciation. You guys produce a wonderful straight-ahead concert, numbers carefully selected and delivered with a lot of feeling and intuitive inventiveness. It was a joy! Solid group what fun each one of you demonstrates.  I just want to say how much your efforts are recognized and appreciated for your dedication and steadfast work promoting jazz in the community as a musician, agent and through your non profit organization, the Jazz Composers Forum. to encourage greater jazz appreciation in the community. All the best to you!
Rick Dowdeswell, drummer
Hendersonville, NC

July 2006


  Thank you so much. The Bill Gerhardt Trio was the pièce de résistance  of my 50th birthday party. The event was a huge success and everyone absolutely loved the music. Bill was able to incorporate our acoustic piano providing the perfect ambiance and accompaniment to the wonderful food and fine wines we served that evening.  We are sure to use Call That Jazz for future events. You are blessed to work with such talented artists.  Thank you again,  Kelly Walker Waxhaw, NC

August 4th, 2006
Sharon ,
      I just loved your show at Main Street Jazz on Friday night in Greenville . I really enjoy the ambiance at the Hyatt plaza on Friday nights, but your music with Bill and the band was just fantastic !
One of your biggest fans,
Gary Rosen

August 2006
Dear Sharon, Bill and Mike....
You guys, you guys, you guys!
What superb arrangements ! "Like Someone In Love..." and all the rest...
Each one unique - your signature -
This obviously was my first time hearing you.
I missed Sonny though - I've yet to hear him - can't wait.
You moved the room last night, and that is what its all about.
You definitely took me on a ride.
Thank you again for a wonderful, fun evening of music.
Erik J. Jensen, drummer


July 27. 2005 

To: Call that Jazz Booking and Management Agency

Chris was great!  He was open to playing what I was hoping to hear during my wedding.  He was helpful with ideas, easily accessible and flexible. He helped make the moment special.  I am very grateful for Call That Jazz because everyone told me it would be very hard to find a solo jazz guitarist to play during my wedding and you made it incredibly easy--so thank you!!
Toby Helmstetter, Bride            

Dec 4th, 2007

This was my first vocal jazz workshop, and what a life
changing experience.  Jay Clayton is an incredibly
talented artist who is more than willing to share and
pour herself into her students  She encourages us to
expand the jazz art form by going out and feeding the
jazz tributeries.
Forever grateful, Marion Edwards       

Dec 3rd, 2007


Thank you so much for setting up everything at the workshop! You were fantastic and I enjoyed it greatly! I appreciate everything you have done to make Asheville a "jazzy" place and you are doing a wonderful job! Thanks so much again and I hope to see you soon!

Love, Chandler Brotak 12 yrs old                    



Nov. 28th , 2007


What a treat! Just as promised: A magical, insightful experience. I can fully see why you were so insistent that Local Jazz buffs get off their duffs and turn out for this event – before they kick themselves they didn’t. I was thankful that I was able to do some calendar shifting and be there myself for sure.    

It was so clear to me, within the first couple of openers, why you have such high regard for Ms. Clayton’s contribution to the jazz scene; not only for the privilege of having her as your voice coach, but as being one of the few special, sacred entertainers who dare to and have the facility to improvise engagingly in an extra-terrestrial symphonic lexicon. Jay’s command and enlightenment creating poetic jazz settings was the icing on your cake: sweetly delicious. Yet, when she turned up the 4/4,and lit that candle, too… there’s no denying she celebrates pure straight-ahead standards with impeccable, flawless authority.


How does such a setting truly insure magicality? Easy answer. You match up the highest skilled, area innovative jazz instrumentalists available:

Bill Gerhardt’s international experience and brilliant explorations with chordal envelopment are unsurpassed. A pure delight. Mike Holstein’s perceptive

flair and resolve for venturing into unknown regions with rhythmic, dynamic, fluid assurance –  I’d say he’s well on his way to writing that important Book.

And Sonny - been my hero and mentor for years (although he probably wasn’t aware of it from old Greenville/Spartanburg club gigging days). This is His setting: challenging, intimate and very dependant upon his vast repertoire of soft-spoken strokes and artistic beats. 

Hope you guys knock ‘em out at Brown Street tonight. Wish I could make it down.

 Much love,  Rick  Dowedsell